My name is Heiko Achilles.
I've been working as a graphic designer since 2000, since 2002 as a freelancer.

During my work I have covered a lot of scopes of game development. My special strengths are:

  • GUI-Design, -Graphics and -Programming
  • Working with realtime engines: graphics and programming
  • Low poly modeling
  • Creation of textures, shaders and materials in realtime environments
  • Tool programming for artists (e.g. scripting and plugins for 3ds max, Photoshop, general artist workflow)

I can work independently as well as integrated in a team. Depending on the project's requirements I can work in my own office or on site.

You can find current informations about me in my XING-Profile (German)
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phoenix Game Graphic Design
Heiko Achilles
Brockhoffstr. 6
45879 Gelsenkirchen

Tel. +39209/29683
Fax +39209/15475