Mesh Army Knife

Mesh Army Knife is a customized version of the standard modifier "Edit Mesh". These are the main reasons for the customization:

While in most definitions userfriendliness is described as a maximum of help and explicit description for the user (e.g. meaningful and easy to understand button labels), I have a different opinion about this in some cases. While it's great for the newbie user, if everything is extensively labeled, it can be a real annoyance for the experienced user. It has a negative impact on the workflow - and the slower your workflow, the less your money. Max is a good example; I remember that learning max was mostly very easy. But as soon as I was more experienced, those large dialogs and buttons and the scrolling began to irritate me; I thought about compressing the user interface as much as possible. And here's the result - Mesh Army Knife.
Of course, Mesh Army Knife was made for the experienced user. It will be easier to remember buttons with names like "Ignore Backfaces" than "Ign Bf". But as you see in this example, experienced users will easily recognize the abbreviations of the buttons they're familiar with by Edit Mesh.
Another reason for creating this tool was to improve Edit Mesh. Features like UV correction in target weld, poly mapping by one mouse click and others were a nice boost for our workflow. And often, if a project needs a special tool, I integrate new functions, if they could be good for other projects too.